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Support Us

There are several ways of supporting us, from sponsorship and funding to donating time, resources or money to just spreading the word.

Sponsoring us is an effective way of linking your brand with the work of IIBS.

Sponsorship is appropriate for organisations which believe in improving heritage education and promoting British art, design, architecture and culture, whilst sharing the pursuit of technological advancement in this field. Sponsorship donations are used to fund our ongoing research into the history of British Islamic art, design and construction. They also enable the IIBS project to continue to exist.

The benefits to your organisation include:

  • a newsletter on new finds and discoveries
  • being the first to be invited to exhibitions
  • supporting a corporate social responsibility agenda which improves community development, cohesion, understanding and promoting and supporting education. Your sponsorship of IIBS is a clear statement to your stakeholders that you are genuinely committed to community development, heritage, and education.
  • supply chain benefits – support of IIBS demonstrates your commitment to the advancement of education in history, heritage and the Arts of Britain. Thus, linking with IIBS will show your brand to Arts, heritage, cultural and education bodies.
  • access to a network of like-minded organisations/individuals
  • publicity for your support for us on our web site, in our publications, events etc.

Funding a project is particularly appropriate for organisations which have a direct interest in a particular locality, time period, artistic style, designer, landmark or specialist theme. Benefits include: Title branding on exhibition, website and publication material for that project and continued association with that advancement.

Sponsoring a specific item

  • sponsoring a local exhibition
  • sponsoring a local project with an interactive 3D environment
  • sponsoring our website updates and development
  • sponsoring publicising material

If this is of interest to your organisation, please contact us to discuss costs.

Funding in kind
Giving time and expertise to IIBS is enormously valuable to us. Expertise that is especially helpful includes:

  • fundraising by high calibre sales people
  • marketing and branding, including publicity and profile
  • web, graphic and 3d designing

In some cases no previous experience or expertise is required, just some of your time:

  • volunteer to archive
  • volunteer to research
  • volunteer to gather and document evidence

Benefits to you include:

  • supports the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda of your organisation
  • could count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the individual and your organisation
  • simply donating time to help a project that seeks to make a difference to heritage education and understanding Britain's diversity.

Links to our website
Organisations that have a significant interest in similar fields of work eg Heritage, Modern British History, Education, Art, Design, Architecture, Culture, Islam and 3D animation, can help by linking to relevant items on our website.

Making a donation
If you would like to help but cannot afford any of the above options, we can put any and all donations, however small, to very effective use. You may request it go towards specific aims.

Saying 'Thank you'
We agree with our supporters the way in which their support can be publicly recognised or, alternatively, we will treat support confidentially.

Project Funders include:

  • Awards For All

Donors include:

  • Asian Youth Alliance
  • wedo3d

Our supporters include:

  • DigiBridge
  • DiverseCity
  • LivingLens
  • OnRoadMedia



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