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This is an interactive 3d application which will enable you to walk around and explore the Shah Jahan Mosque and its environment.

exterior screenshot   Interior Screenshot

When you click on the Shah Jahan Mosque in 3D link you will be asked to download a small plug-in to enable Go3D! to work. But dont worry, its very small and you won't even have to restart your browser.

Once downloaded you will be prompted to run the plugin, this will then copy some temporary files onto your system (this are about 10Mb) and once installed you will be able to view, interact and experience the 3D environment within your browser straight away. 

Once the program opens use the mouse and cursor keys to move and look around. Use keys "1" and "2" to change between interactive mode and fly-through. 


Click Here to Experience the Shah Jahan Mosque in 3D



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